Diagnostic Imaging Services

Advanced technology providing you with the most accurate screening and diagnosis

We offer a comprehensive array of imaging services and the most advanced technology, all provided by Stamford Hospital. We encourage real-time collaboration and communication between your primary care and specialist physicians and our imaging specialists. Our electronic medical record and patient portal provide immediate access to all imaging results. That means a better experience for you.

Breast Imaging

Services include:
  • Digital mammography
  • Breast MRI
  • Ultrasound of the breast
  • Stereotactic core needle biopsy

Diagnostic Imaging

Services include:
  • Bone Density Scan
  • Calcium Scoring
  • CAT Scan
  • Coronary CT Angiography
  • Interventional Radiology Services
  • MRI
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • PET CT
  • Ultrasound
  • Xray

Bone Densitometry 

Bone loss, or osteoporosis is extremely common in women after menopause, and places women at increased risk of debilitating fracture. Bone density screening is an easy, painless way to evaluate your bone health, and to determine whether you are at risk for fracture. We perform bone density testing on the most advanced DEXA low dose machine, which only requires the patient to lie comfortably for a few minutes. As part of our commitment to women’s health and your convenience, an osteoporosis screening can be scheduled at the same time as a mammogram. Ask your doctor, or one of the women’s imaging specialists whether you need a bone density test.

We're committed to putting you first. Our diagnostic imaging medical providers are top-rated and have been specially trained and educated to deliver you the comprehensive care you deserve.

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