Over a lifetime, there are many reasons a person may need surgery. Some surgical procedures are life-saving and some may offer the best treatment for an injury or illness. Though the decision to have surgery is carefully weighed, advances have made surgery more effective, less risky and invasive, and easier to recover from. Whenever possible, we perform our procedures on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to recover comfortably at home.

Our surgeons utilize sophisticated surgical tools and technology which are designed to facilitate patient comfort, reduce pain and speed healing. We continue to not only meet but exceed the highest national quality standards for outcome and safety. Our surgical practices include the following specialties:

How Surgeons Are Trained

Surgeons are among the most highly trained of all physicians. With top levels of skill and experience, Stamford Health Medical Group surgeons utilize advanced technology and, when appropriate, emphasize minimally invasive approaches, including robotic and video-assisted equipment.

Stamford Health Medical Group promises to put you first by individualizing treatment for every patient. You can feel confident that our highly trained surgeons used the most advanced, minimally invasive techniques. We always aim for positive outcomes with a faster recovery time. And more than likely, you’ll be treated on an outpatient basis, which means a faster return to the comforts of home.

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